Born in California, reared in Indianapolis, and residing in Nashville, Kyowa (k- IOWA) harnesses a “soft, mesmerizing, gorgeous, and haunting…” sound (Metromix Entertainment Magazine). Their ethereal, ambient, and, at times, grim take on indie-rock and pop has them resting somewhere between Radiohead, Blonde Redhead, and Cat Power. 

Having made a little splash on HypeMachine, Kyowa’s single, The Ends of the Earth, is best described by Mike Mineo from Obscure Sound: "Lyrics like ‘ When you reach the ends of the earth, will you still want me then?' are powerful and heavy-hitting, this bit in particular reminding me again of Radiohead, and the repeating ghostly power of 'How To Disappear Completely' specifically. These likenesses to names like Beach House and Radiohead, combined with clearly enjoyable idiosyncrasies, certainly make Kyowa a name to look out for. This is such a great sound…"

"The Ends of the Earth" is one of four tracks released on Kyowa’s EP, "Open House”, available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.